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"The Just by Faith Shall Live"
By Dr. Carroll Thompson.
Courtesy of Seven Oaks Fellowship

Dr. Carroll Thompson

Carroll Thompson

Carroll Victor Thompson was born May 13, 1934 outside a small town named Vealmoor in West Texas. He was born in a one room adobe house and attended school in a two room school house. Carroll began preaching at nineteen years of age and soon after began to pastor his first church. He then proceeded to attend Southwestern Baptist Theological seminary in Fort Worth and received a Bachelors of Divinity.

Carroll pastored two Baptist Missionary Association churches while in Seminary. And at the close of his education at Southwestern, the BMA chose to accept Carroll's application for mission endeavors to Brazil. Thus began a nine year journey of ministry in Brazil. At this time Carroll was stricken with a life threatening disease and lay dying in his bed when he had a divine visitation of the Holy Spirit. God filled him with His Spirit and raised him form his bed. It wasn't long before the BMA heard of this strange experience and the miracles that began to manifest among the churches. They relieved Carroll of his duties.

God spoke to Carroll in 1971, and told him to go to Dallas, TX. After his arrival in Dallas, Gordon Lindsey hired Carroll in 1972 to start the second year program for Christ For The Nations Bible Institute. He started with fourteen students in the prayer room of the Christian Center.

Carroll Thompson has ministered in over 35 nations. He has helped established CFNI in Cluj Romania. He has written three books, "The Bruises of Satan", "Alienation:, and "You Can Be Righteous". He has written syllabuses for his classes; "Possess the Land"., ''Romans', "Doctrinal Foundations", "In the Beginning",Carroll Thompson in Amistad Cristiana in Mexico City and "Contemporary Error".

His classes at Christ For The Nations Bible Institute for the past 36 years include; Deliverance, Ministry of Jesus, Romans, Doctrinal Foundations, Pentateuch, Contemporary Error, Old Testament Survey, and The Order of Righteousness. Carroll ministered at CFNI for over 40 years until he went on to be with the Lord in September 2016.

A Spiritual Father to many, a Pastor, a Prophet, an Apostle to others - on 2013, Carroll celebrated 60 years of full time ministry.

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